Why Dress Code is Good

Why Dress Code is Good

Most schools have at least some form of a dress code, although some places enforce it less than others. My school is the usual standard dress code, which is any normal colored khakis, a tucked in solid color polo shirt, belts, any shoe with a heel in the back, solid colored jackets or sweaters, and logos that were smaller than a quarter. Recently we had a dress code change, and now we don’t need belts, are allowed to wear jeans, and don’t have to tuck in our shirts. I was fine with the dress code both ways, but I am glad that it was a little more relaxed.
Over the summer I went to a summer school, not because I had low grades, but so I could take higher level courses in high school. There was absolutely no dress code there and at first I was really glad. But by the week was over, I was stressing out with nothing to wear. It made me realize that no dress code wasn’t as great as I thought. Not only this, but there would be girls with short-shorts and tank tops, then guys with jeans so low I had no idea how they kept them up. The stress of having to choose what to wear is much greater when everyone can wear whatever they choose to. Although at my school it’s not everyone wears the exact same thing, so we can buy clothes at different stores, but it’s nice to be able to wake up and know that I won’t have to dig through a mound of clothes.
But for a wider range of people, dress code promotes how you act. If you dress professionally then others take you as professional and from what they expect is how you will act. One is more likely to get a job when they are wearing a suit then a wrinkly t-shirt and ripped jeans. This follows along with the fact that a child would take school more seriously if they discover there is a dress code, because if they must dress a certain way then obviously what they are learning is important. Distractions is also a problem, when someone is wearing flashing colors or strange clothes, they often distract children from working or studying. Not only this, but in high school there is a large amount of gangs and when someone cannot wear something to affiliate themselves with a certain gang or something that is offensive then less violence could be started.
But it’s not all about behavior; the fact that some places can sell school uniforms for less money is a big factor. Also, they don’t have to buy their child as many clothes because not many people would notice if someone wore the same uniform two or three times a week.
Dress code can have many pros from discipline to distractions, and I’m glad that my school has one.


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Sharon Li Sharon Li, 13, Berry Miller Jr. HS, Manvel, TX – I want to make a difference in someone else’s life. Wouldn’t I want other people to help me if I were in need? I would like to let other people know what we have done to help others, and to encourage them to do their part. In addition, I think this program will really help my organization and I would like to invite other kids to join us as team leaders to help others in need.

  1. Wilson Xu says:

    I just want to ask you that do you personally think dress code is good or not and why?

  2. No because you can set limits on a dress code :)

  3. I really appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank God I found it on Google. You’ve made my day! Thank you again..

  4. Niall horan says:

    Thanks love xx this really helped (:

  5. School Kid says:

    I have a report about having no dress code if you can can you try to label things that are good about it

  6. School Kid says:

    I have a report about having no dress code if you can, can you try to label things that are good about it

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