Cons of Dress Code

Cons of Dress Code

In my earlier blog I described how I went to a summer school this year. Because I do not have a never ending pile I clothes, I realized that dress code can actually be a good thing without all the stress and worrying about what to wear. But also, it was nice being able to wear what I chose to and being able to throw on a pair of sweats and wear flip flops if all the rest of my clothes were in the wash.
So although I am not opposed to m y school’s dress code, I also can see why other students would be against a uniform.
How someone dresses expresses their individuality and style. If everyone dressed and looked exactly the same, no one could be unique and everyone would be the same. Many express that they are trying to be themselves with what they wear, because what they wear is who they are.
Not only this but school uniforms can still be expensive as well as cheaper. With a dress code or uniform, the parents have to buy their child casual clothing, such as jeans and t-shirts, summer clothes, like shorts, and tanks or swim suits, winter clothes, winter dress code clothes, normal dress code clothes, and etc. People find school uniforms as just another thing to add on to their ever decreasing budget, especially because with no dress code, kids can wear whatever they want without having to worry about buying new things.
Also most kids oppose to having a dress code, and much of the time, there is lots of violence that associates with having to wear something that’s all the same. When the school board forces kids to wear what they don’t want to it often leads to violence or disobedience among the student body.
In my school, people still by the polo’s or khakis from different stores, so it’s obvious who’s in the “in crowd” and who isn’t. Sometimes, it wouldn’t even make a difference if there was a dress code or not, because the social crowds and cliques are still very obvious by whom hangs out with who and which clothes are bought where.
So although school dress code can be a bad thing, it’s also a good way to express yourself.

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