Aftermath and Further Danger in Japan

Aftermath and Further Danger in Japan

devastation after the quake and tsunami in Japan

Without a doubt, I am almost certain the news of Japan’s intense earthquake has reached the eyes and ears of millions of people world-wide. You can see the news articles pouring out boatloads of information (false, skewed, or true) all over the cyberspace we live in and throughout media networks all over. Usually, I get the quickest news from Tumblr, and later do research on whether what is being stated is true or not. So when the earthquake in Japan hit, I looked up CNN, watched their report live and was horrified among countless others to view the devastation. Then the next day and the day after, there has been increasingly more news about Japan’s devastation, about tsunami warnings and aftermaths from the day before, with more to come obviously. Here’s a round-up and more news for those who are still unaware of how horrifying this earthquake is on various levels:

According to Kyodo news:

  • 433 confirmed dead
  • 784 people reported missing
  • Amount of radiation released inside a control room at Fukushima nuclear power plant “1,000 times normal”
  • 3,000 residents ordered to evacuate from a 10-mile radius and a 3-mile radius around two nuclear power plants, respectively
  • 3,400 buildings damaged or completely destroyed
  • 200 fires
  • 181 nursing or welfare homes damaged
  • 1,800 homes destroyed in Fukushima Prefecture
  • 5.57 million households without power
  • 1 million households without running water
  • 50,000 Self-Defense Forces deployed to aid residents and municipalities in rescue efforts
  • Nine expressways closed
  • At least 464 domestic flights cancelled
  • More than 120,000 people in Tokyo unable to return home due to suspension of mass transit services and / or traffic congestion

This news has only been one or two days old now, so it should be updated as more people are found and more rubble is cleared as the days go on. I also want to point out at the news with women in Japan now. I came across this warning on about this:

“There have been reports of men approaching single women, pretending to be a police officer or someone from an aid organization offering to take them to a ‘safer place’. They are trying to take advantage of stranded women during the crisis. Please spread this around, and tell anyone you know who is in Japan. Don’t go anywhere alone, buddy up with someone and stick together. There’s a women-only safety shelter in Shibuya: AJWRC, 211 Sakuraoka Cho, 14-10 Shibuya-ku Tokyo, tel: 0337805245”

The original source I traced this from is this:

I can’t say this is a very valid news source but if there are reports that are sent out from Japan confirming this news, please comment below and spread the word as much as possible.

Evacutees in Japan devastated over loss.

In other news about Japan relief, many have started organizing ways to help out with Japan and stand by on helping out Japan now. People here in America and outside of it can all do something:

2011 Sendai Earthquake / How To Help:President Obama released a statement earlier announcing that “[t]he United States stands ready to help the Japanese people in this time of great trial.” Below is a list of charities and relief organizations you can donate to in order to help bring aid to those affected by the worst earthquake in Japanese history.

Please stay aware and don’t just pray for hope for Japan. Try your best to do something.

Whirlpool in Japan

Main News Source:

Video Source:


Earthquake Watch:

For more news, check out articles on BBC and Al Jazeera.
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